dreams in private practice training

Through PCI College, one of Ireland's leading providers of counselling and psychotherapy training, Mike Hackett of Dream Insights will be delivering the first five day professional certificate in dreamwork this coming summer 2016. Full details as follows;



  • On completion of this Certificate, participants will be able to:
  • Understand the role sleep and dreams play in our cognitive, emotional and spiritual            wellbeing
  • Learn about the role dreams have played in human development through time (cultural and psychological perspectives)
  • Gain insights into your life situation through your dreams, active imagination etc.
  • Deepen their awareness of the gifts, opportunities and signposts their unconscious holds for personal development and professional practice



On completion of this Certificate, participants will be able to:

  • Apply simple, mid-level and complex dream work methods for personal development
  • Learn how to use scientifically valid methods for therapeutic dream work
  • Introduce clients to dream work and work with dreams in a therapeutic
  • Work safely with dreams, nightmares and night-terrors in a therapeutic context
  • Learn how to integrate dream/unconscious messages into actionable, waking life-change


Learning and Teaching Strategy


A blend of lecture input, video presentations, small group discussions and practice, reflection on case examples and directed student reading.




As well as completion of each day, trainees will complete a 2,500 word essay on the applied practice of dream work using any of the methods covered during the programme. This takes the form of three elements;

selection of a dream work method, application of that method to a dream and reflection on these two elements.


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