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A warm welcome to the world of sleep, dreams and dreaming. Dreams are my passion. I have been interested in dreams for over 25 years and have studied sleep and dreams in both a personal and professional capacity (as a counselling psychotherapist based in Ireland).


I believe that dreams are as important to us as any situation, event or happening in our waking lives and reveal much about us, our inner and outer world and signpost our process of grow and change through our lives. Therefore, I believe that dreams should be spoken about, listened to and engaged with at every opportunity as a means of self-discovery, connecting with others and as a tool in the counselling room.


I hope you enjoy the materials, resources and information on dream-insights.net and would love to hear from you about your dream experiences, your interests in dreams and dreamwork and you can get in touch using the contact form on any of the pages of this site.


So for the moment, thanks for visiting and I wish you sweet dreams.

sleep information

Dreams happen mostly during sleep therefore it is important to understand sleep, sleep-hygene, techniques to aid sleep and rest to give you the best shot at quality dreams and dreaming.

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dream information

Exploring how to remember and record your dreams, tools and techniques to understand your dreams as well as resources from around the world on dreams and dreaming.

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dream groups

Dream groups are remarkable vehicles for helping us understand our lives through our dreams. What are they? How can I find one? How can I start one? Resources, tools and signposts.

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dream therapy

For therapists, counsellors and helping professionals, we look at professional dream work, tools, courses (continuing professional development) and dream training (professional certificates).

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